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Managed Markets Insights

Perspectives on Medical Therapy Access, Reimbursement and Payer Influences

The “New Normal” of Payer Contracting

An analysis of 26 product approvals from 2011 through early 2015 across 11 distinct therapeutic areas, including 8 specialty and 3 non-specialty categories, indicates that contracting discussions with payers are happening earlier than in past years. In fact, first mentions of contracting negotiations in …

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Patients’ Feelings upon Receiving a New Script Are Related to Whether the Doctor Included Their Opinion about Treatment Options

Consumer Connect, Zitter Health Insight’s newest subscription data service, recently collected some insightful data on patients in the Diabetes space and their feelings when they visit the doctor. The data team collected feedback from diabetes patients that had just gone to visit their physician …

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Some HCV Patients Get More Time with Their Doctor than Others

Hepatitis C is an exciting space with several new market entrants that hold the promise of curing individuals of the disease. Through a point-in-time consumer market research study, Consumer Connect, Zitter Health Insights has gained unique insight into the behavioral patterns of Hepatitis C …

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Zitter Health Insights Introduces Consumer Connect: Understanding the “whys” behind patient behavior

Zitter Health Insights’ newest subscription product, Consumer Connect, generates actionable insights into what influences consumer behavior at key healthcare moments and experiences along the patient journey. By understanding what a patient is thinking at the moment he or she visits the doctor, receives a …

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