• 23 Sep 2016

    Zitter Health Insights Launches the First Independent Benchmarking Report Comparing the Effectiveness of Patient Support Programs

    ZHI, Zitter Health Insights

    Zitter Health Insights Launches the First Independent Benchmarking Report
    Comparing the Effectiveness of Patient Support Programs
    July 28, 2016 — Zitter Health Insights, a business intelligence company focused on issues of
    access for life sciences, pharmacy, and managed care companies, today launched Patient
    Support Program PRO (PSP PRO), the industry’s first independent assessment of the patient
    support programs used by millions of pharmaceutical and biotech consumers with chronic or
    ongoing medication needs.

    PSP PRO is a syndicated report that measures standardized key performance indicators across
    multiple product brands in a selected therapeutic area. Patients evaluate their overall
    satisfaction with their brand’s support program, and provide specific reviews of program
    elements such as the enrollment hassle factor, the effectiveness and emotional impact of
    financial and telephone support services, and whether welcome materials are reassuring or
    overwhelming. The report also uncovers reasons why some program services go unused.

    “In recent years, drug manufacturers have invested heavily in building more, and more robust
    patient support programs, but they have not had a way to objectively evaluate the program
    effectiveness, especially as compared to competitors,” said Yvonne Brill, Vice President New
    Product Development at Zitter Health Insights. “PSP PRO gives brand managers an
    independent and unbiased assessment of how well their program satisfies patients compared
    to the competition, pinpoints areas for improvement, and identifies the support services that
    are most valued and needed by patients.”

    Pharmaceutical and biotech companies typically offer support programs to patients with
    chronic or ongoing conditions that require long-term medication support. The programs have
    been adopted to improve the patient experience, help ensure that patients obtain access to the
    therapy, correctly use the therapy, and continue to stay on therapy throughout all stages of the
    disease progression.

    PSP-PRO delivers comparative performance data, benchmarking multiple brands in the same
    therapeutic area. Typically, the reports feature the most dominant brands in each therapy
    area, but subscribers can request specific brands for inclusion. Zitter Health Insights can also
    customize and create special category reports, for unique situations such as rare therapies and
    new product launches.

    Brand managers use PSP PRO to optimize their support program designs and thereby maximize
    the value patients receive from the brand’s multimillion dollar program investments. Results
    can also be used to validate the ROI of the program by measuring how effectively the program
    reduces patient calls and visits to physicians, improves adherence, and creates a positive
    patient experience.

    PSP PRO is launching with multiple therapeutic area reports and will continue to add additional
    therapy area reports over the next six months. For more information or to purchase a Patient
    Support Program PRO report, please contact:

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    Zitter Health Insights (ZHI) is a business intelligence company that offers insights to the life
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    pharmacy benefit managers, and other healthcare stakeholders.

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