Zitter Health Insights Access Answered.

Abandonment Insight Monitor


The Abandonment Insight Monitor (AIM) generates previously unavailable insights into the reasons patients abandon scripts and don’t adhere to therapy.

Claims data highlight a portion of abandonment, but don’t capture patients who never get to the pharmacy. Our insights not only capture all types of abandonment, but also provide you with the why.

How often is abandonment intentional vs. accidental? What are patients thinking when they choose not to fill a script? How do patient such characteristics as age, zip code, and income correlate with abandonment? Do answers to these questions vary by product within a category? We provide you the answers to these questions and more, enabling you to pull the right marketing levers at the right point along the patient journey, to influence patients before abandonment.

What actions can you take?

Using our powerful consumer database, we link our insights around abandonment and adherence to your specific business objectives as well as to what we know about the patients—age, income, current therapy, whether the patient was offered co-pay support, which websites they referenced for disease information, and more. These detailed correlations help explain the “why” behind observations in the data, and enable you to take action on targeted patient segments.

Consumer Marketing

  • Inform Brand Plans with critical reasons behind abandonment
  • Optimize DTC messages to resonate best with patients in your therapeutic area
  • Focus your web advertising on the sites your patients visit to research their condition
  • Create targeted tools to guide the patient’s conversation with the pharmacist and doctor

Payer Marketing

  • Inform payers of any adverse impact of their policies on patient behavior
  • Identify trends in adherence, persistence, and fill behavior based on patients’ deductibles and OOP walk-away points
  • Partner with payers on adherence programs most relevant to patients in your category
  • Identify and correct patient hassle points with retail and specialty pharmacies that otherwise lead to script abandonment

Healthcare Provider Brand Marketing

  • Uncover gaps in doctor-patient communication that result in patients failing to adhere to therapy
  • Refine physician messaging to counter common reasons patients abandon scripts or discontinue therapy
  • Develop tools to educate both physicians and pharmacists on the underlying reasons patients are not filling and/or taking their prescription as directed
  • Enhance co-pay support programs based on key adherence/abandonment moments of truth

What insights are provided?

Consumer Marketing

  • Understand the “why?” behind patient abandonment and adherence
  • Patient thinking behind how they adopt and adhere to your brand
  • Who are the patients typically “lost” to your brand—those who don’t fill their script even before deciding to go to the pharmacy, and for whom claims data are never captured
  • Why and how deductibles, out-of-pocket walk-away price points, and co-pay sensitivity result in patients never filling their script for oral, injectable, and infused drugs
  • Patient perception of drug value vs. drug price and insights on how to get patients to better appreciate drug value
  • How the services and messaging from specialty pharmacies influence patient adherence

Payer Marketing

  • “Patient as payer” dynamics that impact script abandonment and medication adherence across the patient journey
  • How patients’ experiences with their doctor impacts the decision to adhere or refill
  • When and where patients research drugs/conditions, and how that influences adherence for oral, injectable, and infused drugs
  • Economic and emotional factors that influence how the patient is taking the prescription vs. prescribed

Healthcare Provider Brand Marketing

  • Provider conversations with patients that influence whether the patient fills the script
  • Patients’ awareness of their healthcare provider’s treatment goals
  • How a patient’s experience with his or her doctor impacts the decision to fill/refill
  • Whether the patient requested a specific drug and how the doctor responded to the request


Deliverable Subscription
Four (4) quarterly strategic reports including
– 200 patients per quarter
– 50+ patients per quarter per key brand
– Quantitative slides focused on weaving together data to pull out novel insights
Training, support & live presentations
– discover the “so what” of the data and what is most meaningful to your brand
– actionable insights that support your brand goals are uncovered and presented