Zitter Health Insights Access Answered.

Custom Managed Care Market Research

Zitter Health Insights, a leader in managed care custom market research, has conducted extensive primary market research studies for our biopharmaceutical and managed care clients, evaluating Payer and specialty pharmacy market dynamics for biologics, infusibles, and small molecules in a wide range of categories through various stages in the product life cycle.

Recent projects have focused on self-injected and infused biologics, oral and infused oncologics, several orphan drugs, and mature small molecule products facing generic competition.Topics have ranged from value proposition development, pricing, messaging and communications, and landscape and management trends, to physician sensitivity to patient cost-sharing, and the impact of prior authorizations on prescribing.

When you work with Zitter Health Insights for your managed care custom market research needs, you get:

  • Access to  our managed markets syndicated intelligence – we overlay our relevant comprehensive managed markets syndicated data, allowing for more efficient research planning, insights, and solutions.
  • Access to our vast payer (and employer) panel — the largest in the industry — and industry contacts for recruitment.
  •  Our in-depth managed care industry knowledge backed by decades of research experience.

Our principal areas of focus for custom managed care market research are:

This platform is designed to assist in testing, refining and developing effective messaging and communications. A baseline messaging and share of voice landscape to provide context, before evaluating proposed topics, concepts and strategies, is established, leveraging our Managed Care Message Monitor and Prior Authorization Tracking Tool, and includes a Webcast or series of Webcasts with a diverse group of expert advisors and thought leaders who have extensive experience with the designated therapeutic class.  The Webcast methodology provides robust feedback on issues through the extensive use of polling technology and skilled moderated discussion.  This research approach may also be applied to other health care audiences like employers and providers.

A Value Added Program provides a compelling reason for payers to see account managers who will be sharing marketplace data.  This is a cost effective information sharing forum that capitalizes on our Managed Care Biologic & Injectables Index, Managed Care Oncology Index, and the Managed Care Benefit Design Index.  The principal objective of the Value Added Program is to position the client’s representatives as valuable educational resources, enhance account manager perceptions with the account, and provide talking points for discussion with key managed care and provider executives.  Account manager training is offered as part of this service.

Zitter Health Insights utilizes a multi-prong approach, dictated by the needs of the client, to assist in directing pipeline portfolio pricing.  At the crux of our methodology is an in-depth payer quantitative study fielded to managed care experts selected from our panel.  The survey data is then enhanced by layering with data extracts from our Prior Authorization Tracking Tool.  This resource can be leveraged to extrapolate insights across a much larger universe, which provides for a more precise assessment of the market and individual account impact.  For clients interested in developing co-pay programs as part of pricing and contracting efforts, the Zitter Health Insights team has access to the Co-Pay Offset Monitor as a resource.  You may also capitalize on a series of Webcasts to inform price direction, either pre- or post- quantitative fielding and the Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Perspective.

This research provides ongoing access to a payer panel to secure insights and opinions and/or guide strategies on a variety of topics (general marketplace trends, insights for brand decision making, business intelligence).  We leverage our vast payer (and employer) panel — the largest payer panel in the industry — and our industry contacts for recruitment.  We also utilize our extensive data warehouse of syndicated studies for baseline knowledge, resulting in more targeted and actionable dialogue and insights, cost-effectively.  A series of Webcasts are established based on client need.  Each Webcast session lasts 90 minutes, consists of a diverse working group of managed care experts, and involves moderated discussion and electronic polling.  Rapid response web-surveys may be deployed to capture interim direction from payers.

This research is comprised of a variety of methodologies to assist clients during the peri-launch drug planning phase.  A national steering committee, being one of these methods, consists of a multidisciplinary group of key decision-makers who serve in an ongoing advisory capacity to provide clients with a rich understanding of payer dynamics, managed care trends and issues, best practices, and important real-world insight into the utility and value of different approaches, programs, services, and potential value propositions.  The multi-sector panel is tailored to address client objectives and may be comprised of health plan medical directors, pharmacy directors, practice managers, PBMs/SPPs, community specialists, KOLs/academics, and employers.  This research utilizes the most effective approaches and techniques for generating insight and buy-in from all relevant payer perspectives, capturing, for example, stakeholder predictions on trends in benefit design and category management as they relate to product positioning and access, examining pipeline product profiles and likely management, developing strategies and tactics to remove management barriers, and evaluating arguments and potential issues.  Other Zitter Health Insights methods that support peri-launch efforts include the Managed Care Pre-Launch Compass, Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Perspective, and the New Product Coverage Analyzer.

Other capabilities include:

  • Qualitative techniques
    • In-depth interviews (IDIs)
    • Rapid response Web-surveys (n=30)
  • Quantitative techniques and sophisticated analytics (n=100)
    • Conjoint
    • Benefit attribute analysis
    • Segmentation
  • Customer dashboard creation
  • Market landscape studies
  • Innovative advisory programs (e.g. multi-disciplinary advisory boards)
  • Interactive programming – pre-meeting surveys, panel discussions, questionnaires, debates, group breakouts, and Audience Response (polling) System Technology