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Managed Care Oncology Index

The Managed Care Oncology Index is a comprehensive strategic analysis of the current and anticipated management of oncology therapies, in the managed care marketplace.

This semi-annual, multi-client, oncology trends study includes three oncology market research arms surveying approximately 100 payers, 100 oncologists, and 100 oncology practice managers, twice annually.  Started in 2006, the survey explores a wide range of managed care oncology management trends and issues, including physician reimbursement management, prior authorization, patient cost-sharing, specialty pharmacy, site-of-care dynamics, practice economics, and clinical guidelines.

What actions can you take?

  • Inform strategic decisions related to access and reimbursement of oncologics
  • Leverage information collectively requested by marketers from major oncology companies
  • Make access strategy recommendations with robust, market-representative, quantitative research and analysis
  • Develop timely strategies with reports that evolve based on your needs
  • Enhance oncology product marketing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Tailor marketing strategies and tactics through better understanding of how oncologists work with practice managers to respond to payer policies
  • Identify sales leverage points through insights into oncologist awareness of and sensitivity to payer policies

What insights are provided?

  • Longitudinal data on access drivers and payers’ expectations for the future
  • Perspectives of  payers, physicians, and oncology practice managers relative to utilization management techniques and cost-sharing benefit design
  • Impact of payer management strategies on practice finance, including the health care reform foundation
  • Perceptions and prevalence of emerging access tools, such as companion diagnostics and clinical pathways


With the Managed Care Oncology Index, you can subscribe to a basic or live subscription.

Deliverable Standard Premium
Two semi-annual editions Check Check
Four formal presentations of findings Check
Two formal presentation of findings Check
Attendance at one follow-up web conference with survey panelists per edition Check Check
Up to three customized reports/data cuts per edition (each containing up to five unique data cuts) Check
Access to the research team for follow-up questions, data clarification, or additional insight (up to ten hours of telephonic support per edition) Check