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Managed Care Message Monitor

The Managed Care Message Monitor is the only ongoing survey of managed care decision-makers that captures the content of their interactions with biopharmaceutical manufacturers within 24-48 hours of the actual visit.

Individuals at health plans, Specialty Pharmacies, PBMs, and ACOs detail their conversations with manufacturers, including what product and company-specific messages were delivered to payers and the impact of their interactions in managed markets. Included in this payer messaging research is product-specific detail and competitive data for your therapeutic area.

What actions can you take?

  • Update your dashboard (including share of voice and call reach/frequency metrics)
  • Confirm account team is on message about your product to payers
  • Obtain intelligence on competitive messaging and managed care marketing strategy
  • Course-correct messaging based on payer response (inline and competitor)
  • Correlate current messaging with payer behavior change
  • Focus account team to defend against competitive activity

What insights are provided?

  • Manufacturer share of voice at the therapeutic area level
  • Real-time intelligence on competitors’ product-specific messages to payers and their associated impact
  • Forward-looking, payer-specific intelligence regarding management changes at the product level
  • How aided (prescribed) product-specific messages are recalled and resonate with payers
  • Unmet needs from payers based on their manufacturer visits
  • What would make meetings more valuable for payers
  • How much manufacturers in a therapeutic category focus on different topics such as contracting, cost, efficacy, safety, health economics, and value added programs
  • Which therapeutic areas are a priority for manufacturers, and in what relative proportion they are discussed


With the Managed Care Message Monitor, you can subscribe to a basic or live subscription for any therapeutic area.

Deliverable Standard Premium
Web-enabled access to longitudinal data supplied from payer decision-makers throughout the country on messages delivered by managed care account representatives. Check Check
Two (2) Therapeutic Area Specific Semi-annual Strategic Reports Check Check
Four formal presentations of Therapeutic Area Specific Semi-annual Strategic Reports Check
Two formal presentations of Therapeutic Area Specific Semi-annual Strategic Reports Check
Up to three additional data cuts per Therapeutic Area Specific Semi-annual Strategic Report Check
Up to two additional customized analyses of one of the report topics Check
Periodic Data Spotlights per Therapeutic Area containing key insights captured Check Check