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Managed Care Pre-Launch Compass

The Managed Care Pre-Launch Compass is a strategic research report that examines product access and reimbursement dynamics for manufacturers considering a new pharmaceutical or biotech drug launch or when evaluating new drug launch candidates.

Information is compiled from several of Zitter Health Insights’ proprietary syndicated sources and reflects the most up-to-date managed care trends and issues available for a designated therapeutic class.  The pharmaceutical market research report combines aspirational data, secondary market research, and payer activity data to create a well rounded payer perspective. The focus ranges from the current payer landscape to future management of the target class, accounting for anticipated new entrants and potential shifts in the role of generics.

The Managed Care Pre-Launch Compass includes comprehensive data on:

  • Market dynamics —  payer views on management priorities, category familiarity, contracting dynamics, differentiation of current therapies, unmet needs, and the potential effects of new entrants
  • Current utilization management – prior authorization, preferred therapies, and new drug coverage policies prior to P&T review
  • Payer messaging strategies – current competitor messages, topics of these messages, Share of Voice (SOV), and results of these meetings with payers

The Managed Care Pre-Launch Compass report is available for clients interested in obtaining category and brand-level insights across a variety of therapeutic classes.

What actions can you take?

  • Project future payer trends to aid investment decision-making and drug launch planning
  • Identify current and future utilization management hurdles and opportunities, based on how a category, or an analog category, has evolved
  • Strategically and tactically develop drug launch plans by anticipating  the estimated effect of the new product in the existing category
  • Benchmark existing brand strategies against anticipated drug launch strategies
  • Assess the competitiveness of the market to inform acquisition decisions
  • Reduce reliance on custom payer landscape research when creating, adjusting and/or making payer-related decisions

What insights are provided?

  • In-depth, pertinent quantitative data on current and future dynamics related to payer priorities, familiarity, and unmet needs in the category
  • Key clinical and financial influences driving P&T committee decisions
  • Current competitive dynamics in the category
  • Payer access issues and how these issues are likely to evolve over time
  • Payer policies for newly launched drugs prior to formal review and implications for a new entrant
  • Legislation and its impact on payer management of the category
  • Synopsis of each existing brand’s focus and messaging strategy



With the Managed Care Pre-Launch Compass, clients will receive a PowerPoint reporting the following:

Deliverable Subscription
Final report, capturing strategic insights and recommendations,  for each subscribed therapeutic area Check
1 on-site formal presentation Check
Live training and support Check