Zitter Health Insights Access Answered.

New Product Coverage Analyzer

Most marketers know that health plans typically don’t review a new product until several months after launch.

But how is the product covered during that time? The New Product Coverage Analyzer is a comprehensive report available for each payer segment (Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid) that describes exactly how each payer will handle interim coverage of a new product until the P&T Committee reviews it – a time period that can exceed 12 months. This analysis is drawn from Zitter Health Insights’ extensive database of over 450 Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid payers.

What actions can you take?

  • Forecast for new product launches, inline, and/or competitive product launches by segment and by payer
  • Optimize payer account management resources based on timeline for decision making, course-correct messaging based on payer response (inline and competitor)
  • Focus account team to defend against competitive activity
  • Identify payers with significant short term barriers and payers where quick wins can be realized
  • Enhance market assessment of developmental compounds and in-licensing opportunities 

What insights are provided?

  • New drug coverage policies by percent of payers and covered lives prior to new drug review at the national and state level
  • Relevant new launch analog drug and individual payer response at 6, 12, and 18 months


With the New Product Coverage Analyzer, clients will receive a PowerPoint and Excel sheet reporting the following:

Deliverable  Subscription
New product coverage policy prior to review in aggregate within segments


New product coverage policy prior to review for each individual payer within each segment


New product coverage policy prior to review by state


Analysis of time to review and final coverage policy for analog launch drug(s)


Excel spreadsheet containing the full data set