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Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Perspective

P&T Perspective is a simulated P&T committee meeting that offers pharmaceutical marketers objective, realistic, and often game-changing insights on a new product managed market launch strategy. We also offer hospital-focused P&T and technology assessment committee simulations.

Unlike traditional pharma-sponsored “mock” P&T meetings, our simulations match the composition, length, preparation, content, objectivity, and decision-making of a real P&T committee meeting. After extensive clinical and pricing discussions testing multiple price/contracting scenarios, we conduct votes on formulary and management, all while you watch remotely.

 P&T Perspective Video

Click below to view clips of our simulated health plan P&T committee meetings.

Specialist Input on Place in Therapy

Medical Director Inquiry on Response Predictability

Increasing Payer Management in Oncology

Each P&T Perspective meeting includes P&T-experienced physicians, specialists and managed care professionals. The client can customize the review to simulate any type or size health plan. Sessions are live-streamed, which allows you to watch the meeting anonymously but submit questions as needed.  This set-up eliminates the bias (and regulatory and reporting requirements) inherent in a sponsored advisory board.

What actions can you take?

  • Identify clinical and economic issues likely to be misunderstood by customers and develop proactive strategies to address them
  • Develop mitigation strategies for competitive launches by anticipating payer responses
  • Eliminate regulatory risks, required provider reporting, and internal process hassles and the additional work volume associated with advisory boards and other in-person qualitative research methods
  • Leverage custom sessions for products or technologies in the pre-launch phase, solidifying launch planning with real-world evaluations of clinical positioning, messaging and pricing
  • Train marketers, account management, and sales staff on how payers perceive your product’s strengths and weaknesses

What insights are provided?

  • Payer, hospital or technology decision making, including clinical and financial reviews, and committee discussion and votes
  • The clinical and economic value proposition of the new product, in the context of other offerings
  • The rationale behind policies and procedures for access to formulary and non-formulary drug products or technologies
  • The product’s likely formulary position for commercial and Medicare populations

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With the P&T Perspective, you receive the following:

Deliverable Syndicated Custom
Real-time access to the P&T Perspective session for up to five (5) sites Check Check
90 minute session includes 15 minutes of live sponsor led Q&A Check
90 minute session includes 15 minutes of live shared sponsor led Q&A Check
Test three pricing scenarios with the committee to see how each is evaluated Check
Full-length audiovisual recording on DVD Check Check
The product or category reviews compiled by the clinical pharmacist Check Check
The technology assessment(s) compiled most often by a medical director or physician Check Check
Electronic copies of all unedited documents including clinical and financial presentations Check Check
A strategic summary of committee findings and recommendations Check Check
A virtual meeting with the Research Team to review key findings Check Check