Zitter Health Insights Access Answered.

Multiple Sclerosis

Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Perspective

From this 120-minute simulated P&T Committee syndicated research session, you will capture insights on:

  • How P&T members will manage the category with the introduction of a number of novel therapies i.e. Aubagio, Tecfidera and Lemtrada
  • The reactions payers have given the different cost and safety profiles of current and future oral therapies
  • How physician utilization and advocacy will impact the accessibility of oral agents
  • What impact new agents will have on current price and rebate pressures from payers
  • Whether payers will narrow the MS category or remove products from formulary as more products enter the space
  • How non-preferred MS agents distinguish themselves to sway a co-preferred contract
  • How a manufacturer might alter the treatment paradigm with an aggressive contracting strategy