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Policy & Access Tracking Tool

The Policy & Access Tracking Tool is the longest running interactive database of prior authorization data and policies in the pharmaceutical market.

The Policy & Access Tracking Tool provides prior approval coverage data on a reliable, ongoing basis, with analysis and reporting designed to be actionable across an organization. The detail and strategic focus of this market research product allows pharmaceutical and biotech professionals to understand key barriers to access, market opportunities for a product, and essential needs for optimizing market strategy.

What actions are enabled?

  • Determine the specific prior authorization criteria that represents the biggest barrier to access for your product
  • Determine if the highest restricted net managed care lives have increased or decreases over the last year for your product
  • Deploy account management team against payers that have increased access challenges to maximize value of account managers
  • Focus deployment on providers affiliated with payers with increased hurdles to maximize benefits of FRM team
  • Plan for future market changes
  • Feed financial forecasts and expand pricing/contracting research across a large sample size
  • Formulate payer messaging and strategy for the purpose of improving patient access
  • Quantify prior authorization-mediated access to your product

What insights are provided?

  • Real time, around-the-clock online access to a national database of current PA and medical policies for more than 450 individual payer entities
  • Comprehensive view of PAs from all significant payers, including commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid, with Health Insurance Exchanges to be added in 2014
  • Specific details of drug policies, assessment of PA rigor along with other controls employed by payers
  • The effect of contractual wins and losses with payers on your product’s restrictions compared to those of your competitors
  • Changes in PA landscape, with monthly refreshes of data
  • PA criteria and product access cut by payer, enrollment, or geography (MSA, region, territory)
  • Customizable searches by any number of specific PA criteria
  •  Management of  specialty products across benefits including specific medical benefit detail unavailable through any other source
  • The regions where your product is  best positioned competitively from a PA standpoint


With the Policy & Access Tracking Tool, you receive the following for your therapeutic area.

Deliverable Subscription
Progressive monthly data updates Check
Semi-annual strategic marketplace analysis reports of key trends in payer management Check
24-hour access to online data Check
Up to two initial training sessions and ongoing product account management support to field questions Check
On-site presentation of each semi-annual strategic marketplace overview report Check
Periodic Data Spotlights per Therapeutic Area containing key insights captured Check
Series of pre-made customized reports, providing further insight that responds to clients’ needs Check
Dynamic charting capabilities of query results Check