• 14 Feb 2017

    Introducing IDN Message Monitor

    ZHI, Zitter Health Insights

    Zitter Health Insights Launches their NEW
    Integrated Delivery Network Message Monitor Service

    Livingston, N.J. (February 13, 2017) – Zitter Health Insights, which provides life science, specialty pharmacy and managed care organizations with insights to optimize patient access to pharmaceuticals, today launched their new Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) Message Monitor Service.

     IDN Message Monitor is a syndicated service that provides real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical manufacturer interactions with decision-makers at influential IDNs.  This service offers a “fly-on-the wall” view of each visit.  The data collected reveal the content of discussions along with the IDN decision-maker’s perception of the value of the interaction, as well as actions planned as a result of each meeting. This information is critical to developing the right strategies for working with IDNs and the right training for IDN account teams.  In addition to tracking their own meeting effectiveness, manufacturers are able to evaluate competitor messaging and meeting effectiveness.

    The IDN Message Monitor service addresses the following unmet needs expressed by our clients:

    • Access to real-time insights that allow ongoing optimization of IDN strategy
    • Independent monitoring of the messages IDN decision-makers are hearing
    • Unbiased assessment of meeting effectiveness and impact
    • Ongoing tracking of strategies and tactics that interest IDNs most
    • Insights into competitive messages and contracting

    “The IDN Message Monitor service allows IDN decision-makers to provide manufacturers with feedback that is intended to improve the effectiveness of future meetings, with a resulting benefit to both parties, IDNs and manufacturers.” said Yvonne Brill, Vice President of Innovation at Zitter Health Insights.  “Manufacturers who purchase the IDN Message Monitor receive real-time feedback on their own and their competitors’ messages and their impact.  This allows manufacturers to continuously improve their strategy.  For many manufacturers, calling on IDN decision-makers is new and the feedback provided by the IDN Message Monitor is invaluable in moving manufacturers up the learning curve quickly.”

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