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Managed Care Organizations

Managed Care Organizations use our insights to benchmark their own management efforts.

Having visibility into how other managed care organizations manage access and reimbursement by therapeutic area and specific drug therapies is helpful for making decisions and educating plan sponsors, employers and end-user customers.

For this reason, many MCOs rely on our research – based on the largest data sets available – to better understand stakeholders, track trends and benchmark their own management efforts.

Our Managed Care Biologics & Injectables Index and Managed Care Oncology Index are used by health plans, PBMs and specialty pharmacies to track drug management policies, benchmark payer coverage, quantify trends in specialty reimbursement, and provide an overview analysis of the landscape.

Our Policy & Access Tracking Tool is used by MCOs to benchmark restrictions, inform policy decisions, and educate employers with external benchmarking data. Specialty pharmacies use the research to understand PA criteria and accelerate PA approvals.

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