• 22 Feb 2013

    The Zitter Group Rebrands as Zitter Health Insights

    Mark Zitter, CEO, Zitter Health Insights

    The Zitter Group has rebranded as Zitter Health Insights. The new name more accurately represents our core competence in syndicated market research on payer influence on access for life sciences products. As the managed markets landscape became more complex, we began to offer insights in multi-client subscription formats. “Access Answered” is the tagline corresponding with […]

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  • 19 Feb 2013

    New Tools for New Rules

    Mark Zitter, CEO, Zitter Health Insights

    The game has changed. Payers have long attempted to influence the prescribing and use of pharmaceuticals in ways they believe are best for their members and plan sponsors. Health plans and pharmacy benefit managers naturally see this as part of their mission – providing the best care at the lowest cost – as well as […]

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  • 12 Nov 2012

    Health Plans and PBMs Take Action to Limit Utilization of Co-Pay Offset Programs

    Chris Wheeler, Director, Co-Pay Strategies, Zitter Health Insights

    A disturbing trend is emerging in the co-pay assistance marketplace as marketers managing co-pay offset programs face increasing resistance from payers and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs).  Payers and PBMs complain that co-pay offset programs raise costs by encouraging the use of branded drugs over generics.  They argue that co-pay programs undermine their ability to manage […]

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  • 05 Sep 2012

    A Unique Service Supports Bio-Pharma Manufacturers Increasingly Challenged to Assess the Impact of Payer Management on New Product Introductions

    Paul Moss, Vice President of Business Development, Zitter Health Insights

    Changes in the healthcare environment and payer access management of new products have resulted in increased pressure on bio-pharma manufacturers’ launch campaigns.  During development and 6-24 months prior to a commercial launch, manufacturers are increasingly challenged to plan for the impact of payer management of new products.  New Product Planning and Business Development teams are […]

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