• 24 Jun 2015

    Drivers of Rheumatoid Arthritis Prescription Abandonment

    Jennifer Rawding, Senior Analyst, Zitter Health Insights

    Patient prescription abandonment and medication non-adherence is a major market concern, with estimates of up to one-third of written prescriptions not being filled and projected costs of $290 billion each year from non-adherence1. While more traditional research focuses on prescription fill rates, the Abandonment Insight Monitor dives more deeply into which factors drive patient decisions to […]

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  • 01 Jun 2015

    Biosimilars in Rheumatoid Arthritis: What to Expect?

    Dinesh K. Kabaleeswaran, Analyst, Zitter Health Insights

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has traditionally been one of the more competitive markets for new entrants with the TNF-alpha inhibitor class of drugs enjoying a good percentage of the market share. By effectively inhibiting the response to tumor necrosis factor (TNF), a cytokine released during the inflammatory response, Amgen’s Enbrel and Abbvie’s Humira have continued to […]

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  • 11 May 2015

    Impact of the entrance of PCSK9i to the hypercholesterolemia market in Q3 2015

    Nadia Krasner, PhD, Senior Analyst, Zitter Health Insights

    Amgen and Regeneron/Sanofi are in a heated race to launch their respective PCSK9 inhibitors (PCSK9i), Repatha and Praluent, late this summer. These new drugs are highly efficacious, reducing LDL cholesterol levels up to an additional 60%, and tout a low instance of adverse events. Although these treatments could have a significant impact, filling the unmet […]

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  • 07 May 2015

    The “New Normal” of Payer Contracting

    Jacquelyn Cafasso, Senior Analyst, Zitter Health Insights

    An analysis of 26 product approvals from 2011 through early 2015 across 11 distinct therapeutic areas, including 8 specialty and 3 non-specialty categories, indicates that contracting discussions with payers are happening earlier than in past years. In fact, first mentions of contracting negotiations in 2014 and 2015 have been captured in Zitter Health Insights’ ongoing […]

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  • 05 May 2015

    Sublingual Immunotherapy Provides Alternative Treatment Option for Sufferers of Hay Fever Blues

    Noah Hoh, Analyst, Prior Authorization Tracking Tool, Zitter Health Insights

    The arrival of spring is a welcome and long-overdue relief for those of us that have grown weary of Old Man Winter, but for many people, warmer days mean the start of a whole new season of suffering. Sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, and a runny or stuffy nose are the hallmark symptoms of allergenic rhinitis, colloquially […]

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