Our Clients

Our Clients

Pharma/Biotech Manufacturers

Zitter Health Insights is the industry’s most-valued resource for access and reimbursement market research.

Our insights cover 150+ therapeutic areas and span more than 1500 products, including those in orphan categories. Our longitudinal database spanning almost 15 years enables us to understand the past and gives us clues about the future. We break down our data by product and category so you can deeply understand the dynamics of your product and your competitors’, as well as similar categories. We offer real-time data so you can monitor key market dynamics and we continuously innovate our insights products to ensure we, and you, stay ahead of the curve.

Zitter Front Desk

About Our Clients

We work with the majority of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, from large to small organizations.

Actions They Take

Clients use our trusted data and insights to optimize access for their organization or brand. Specifically, our clients rely on us to support their work to: develop payer segmentation & targeting plans, understand the competitive landscape for their product, develop pricing & contracting strategies, measure performance of their trade partners and drive improved business performance.

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