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Zitter Health Insights is a market leader in conducting Advisory Board Meetings with key decision makers.
These meetings can provide valuable insights to inform strategy for your new product launch, help to understand the impact of a competitive launch, allow you to test various scenarios, and ultimately maximize sales potential.

For Payer Advisory Boards, unlike others, ZHI has the distinct advantage of the largest payer panel in the industry so you can access the most influential decision-makers.

We handle everything from start to finish including recruitment, planning and logistics, content development and a comprehensive summary report with strategic insights.

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  • Tap into the stakeholders most important to you
  • Craft a value proposition using key payer insights
  • Understand how payers and/or prescribers will review your clinical and economic data, including strengths and weaknesses
  • Test payer reactions to various pricing/contracting scenarios
  • Uncover obstacles and differentiators for your brand from payers themselves
  • Discover your brand’s likely position on formulary and how your competitor will fare

By choosing ZHI, you can focus on building relationships with your key customers in addition to gaining actionable insights to answer your key business questions.



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