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The Managed Care Pre-Launch Compass examines access, utilization management, and reimbursement issues to provide a 360° view on category dynamics and trends that will impact market entry.

The report is compiled from across the ZHI portfolio of proprietary, syndicated sources and reflects the most up-to-date managed care trends for a designated therapeutic class – accounting for anticipated new entrants and generic/biosimilar shifts.

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  • Obtain a comprehensive 360° analysis of the access environment to enable launch coverage success including payer management, prescriber implications, and competitive messaging
  • Use the most actionable data to help key internal stakeholders, such as Brand, Payer Marketing, Analytics, Contracting, and Senior Leadership navigate the ever evolving access marketplace
  • Compare current payer landscape for similar products to understand the dynamics that matter most
  • Understand how future payer trends impact decision-making and drug launch planning
  • Identify how new drugs or generics will affect the current market
  • Understand current and future utilization management hurdles and opportunities, by category
  • Benchmark existing brand strategies against anticipated drug launch strategy

An essential pre-launch planning tool, the Pre-Launch Compass (PLC) identifies key opportunities and challenges, and provides actionable insights to help all stakeholders navigate the evolving access landscape.

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