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Integrated Delivery Network Qualitative Insights Series

The IDN Qualitative Insights Series (part of the Integrated Delivery Network Message Monitor) provides answers to key questions pharmaceutical manufacturers are asking about IDNs, such as how and why system-wide formularies are created, why IDNs are direct contracting with manufacturers, what’s driving the trend towards IDN-owned specialty pharmacies, and more.

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  • Contribute your top questions three times per year
  • Identify partnership opportunities with IDNs
  • Deepen your understanding of IDN formularies and direct contracts
  • Gain insight into clinical pathways development and usage
  • Follow IDN specialty medication management and IDN-owned pharmacy trends
  • Track strategic imperatives important to IDN decision makers

Rely on the IDN Qualitative Insights Series to gain a deeper understanding of how IDNs function, what IDN decision makers want from manufacturers, and where the IDN market is heading.

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