Managed Care Message Monitor

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Managed Care Message Monitor

The only ongoing data service comprised of managed care decision-makers who reveal their organization names, the Managed Care Message Monitor captures the content of payer interactions with biopharmaceutical manufacturers within 48 hours of informational contact.

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  • Track competitors’ evolving payer strategies to better position your product against competitive efforts
  • Evaluate which message topics most influence payer management changes to inform your payer access strategy
  • Optimize your inline strategy and value proposition using real-time payer feedback
  • Identify competitor target accounts and selectively appropriate your resources
  • Increase the likelihood of meeting acceptance via payer-identified feedback

Amplify your messaging and obtain detailed conversations from individuals at health plans, pharmacy benefits managers, and specialty pharmacies to gain insights on messages delivered and the impact they will have on future category management. Set alerts and capture product-specific content and competitive data for your therapeutic area in real-time.

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