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Patient Reimbursement Database

We track commercial co-pay offset, patient assistance, and foundational assistance programs for the majority of therapeutic areas and tumor types. We track descriptors of each program, encompassing everything an SP customer service representative needs to assess its applicability to a patient and to access the benefit. The manufacturer programs are updated every 4-6 weeks and the foundational programs are updated daily.

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  • Enhance patient satisfaction and keep them in network by quickly getting the financial support they need
  • Reduce the burden on staff and resources by accessing relevant, up-to-date information quickly
  • Maximize customer service resources that are currently spent researching and validating program information that could be allocated to helping patients
  • Allow your specialty pharmacy to gravitate towards different therapeutic areas without the struggles of researching and training staff on various reimbursement programs
  • Provide your sales staff with the tools to demonstrate your high quality patient assistance to physicians and manufacturers

The service is designed to fit easily into a busy work flow, enabling better customer service while maximizing the chance that the SP will be able to fill the script. Information can be accessed by therapeutic category, brand, coverage type or reimbursement type.