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Policy & Access Tracking Tool

Policy & Access Tracking Tool (PATT) is the longest-running source of access data and insights for both medical and pharmacy products that you can trust. It covers everything access and provides the most detailed overview of tier and formulary status, medical policy language, prior authorization criteria, pharmacy mandates, quantity limits, and other barriers to access that your patients face.

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  • Understand key barriers to access for your brands and therapeutic areas
  • Optimize marketing strategy
  • Navigate our web portal and Pull-Through Toolkit to easily access information for market research, brand, account managers and your sales team
  • Get on-demand delivery of customized marketing materials for physician detailing
  • Engage with a team of access experts with advanced degrees and science backgrounds to support your questions and other needs

The Policy & Access Tracking Tool provides a comprehensive review of multiple plan documents and sources, leverages proprietary relationships with the largest payer panel in the country, and utilizes a systematic process enhanced over 11 years to deliver the industry standard for access data and insights. The PATT suite of services includes: Pull-Through Toolkit, Market Event Tracker, Health Exchange research, and payer segmentation research.

  • Policy & Access Tracking Tool Health Exchange Segment: Plan and drug specific coverage information regarding formulary placement and prior authorizations across the health exchanges
  • Payer Segmentation (Contracting/Pull-through): In-depth payer quantitative study leveraging insights from Policy & Access Tracking Tool