Pull-Through Toolkit

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Pull-Through Toolkit

Arm your field sales team with our new Pull-Through Toolkit powered by our Policy & Access Tracking Tool data!

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  • Ensure that your brand message is effectively reaching providers and their staff
  • Arm your field sales teams to execute on pull-through opportunities and optimize patient access
  • Enable custom creation of approved promotional pieces that are territory specific in just minutes
  • Produce materials that can be shown on an iPad, printed or emailed right to your customers

The Pull-Through Toolkit features the ability to:

  • Select plans by State, CBSA* or your territory
  • Support multiple drug and multi-grid templates
  • Integrate dynamic images and graphs
  • Calculate values and display directly on the card
  • Display multiple pre-approved claims on the card

Maximize the value of your Policy & Access Tracking Tool (PATT) subscription by providing your sales representatives the ability to create approved pull-through tools for iPads or print-on-demand.

* CBSA is Core-Based Statistical Area, which has replaced Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). CBSAs encompass both micropolitan and metropolitan areas