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Qualitative Market Research

The Custom Access Research team tailors solutions to provide actionable insights to your brand-specific business questions related to access and reimbursement. Our unique access to ZHI’s suite of syndicated services translates into unmatched powerful and relevant custom research. ZHI’s highly experienced moderators ensure actionable insights from your qualitative research.

Core Competencies Stakeholders
In-depth Interviews Payers
Group Webcasts Patients
Advisory Boards Providers (i.e. physicians, pharmacists, office staff)
Pharmacy & Therapeutics Perspective


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  • Develop powerful strategy and tactics to improve market access and grow your business
  • Evaluate and optimize messaging and value propositions
  • Test hypotheses
  • Develop advocacy prior to your launch
  • And so much more…

By choosing ZHI, you can focus on building relationships with your key customers in addition to gaining actionable insights to answer your key business questions.

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