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Specialty Pharmacy Physician Office Staff Survey

The Physician Office Staff Satisfaction Survey (MDSS) is a syndicated benchmarking and performance monitoring study designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers understand how physicians’ office staff view their specialty pharmacies. With this research, pharmaceutical manufacturers can better understand perceptions related to office staff services provided by the top fifteen specialty pharmacies, and how each SP compares competitively.

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  • Benchmark your SP network (works for open or closed/limited networks).
  • Gain insight into how SP enhanced services (such as financial assistance, benefits verification, prior authorization services, and more) are viewed by office staff and what matters the most
  • Leverage insights into SPs operational performance, such as communication and the prior authorization process
  • Understand how office staff view SPs that they work with and what opportunities exist to enhance their satisfaction
  • Gain insights into how frequently each SP visits office staff and the message(s) that they leave with them
  • Understand which SPs office staff are referring patients too and why
  • Understand how each SP ranks in Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)

The Specialty Pharmacy Physician Office Staff Satisfaction Survey gives insight into your business and the views of your customers by therapeutic area.

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