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Specialty Pharmacy Physician Office Staff Survey

The Physician Office Staff Satisfaction Survey (MDSS) is a syndicated benchmarking and performance monitoring study driven by a team of Zitter Health Insights experts designed to help specialty pharmacies understand how physicians’ office staff view their specialty pharmacies. With this research, specialty pharmacies can better understand perceptions related to their services provided by the top fifteen specialty pharmacies, and how each SP compares competitively.

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  • Improve your customer service based on satisfaction surveys of thousands of provider offices
  • Benchmark your absolute and relative progress over time
  • Gain insight into how SPs utilize their sales force to engage office staff in a particular specialist group
  • Measure the effectiveness of your sales force, understand what message the office staff receives and if it works
  • Leverage insights into competitors’ operational performance, such as benefits verification, prior authorization processing and support
  • Recognize the reasons behind how office staff influence patient choice
  • Evaluate how the office staff view your business and what opportunities exist to enhance the satisfaction for those offices
  • Review how your SP ranks in Net Promoter Score (NPS®) versus the competition
  • Satisfies the accreditation requirements for ACHC
  • Use these results to provide for payer contracting requirements

MDSS will enable specialty pharmacies to evaluate the influences of physicians’ staff on their operations and gauge how your organization is performing to inform marketing decisions as well as specific operational decisions.

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