Our Clients

Our Clients

Specialty Pharmacies

Zitter Health Insights provides innovate insights that help optimize patient access to pharmaceuticals.

Specialty Pharmacies focus on high cost, high touch medication for patients with complex disease states. To ensure patients have access to the products they need, specialty pharmacies must keep pace with the rapidly evolving specialty marketplace. Our insights provide an objective, third-party comparative assessments of all major Specialty Pharmacies.

Our insights are representative of 80 percent of specialty pharmacies’ market share across the U.S., with data collected quarterly. Survey data are used to create a syndicated benchmarking report that assesses patient satisfaction and customer loyalty across a variety of therapeutic categories. ZHI is committed to providing our customers accurate, valuable and actionable data on the opinions of their patients. We utilize best-in-class sampling methodologies and always publish the n values of any data we share. We carefully designed our satisfaction surveys with input from specialty pharmacy industry leaders and market research experts.

About Our Clients

We work with large and small specialty pharmacies throughout the United States.

Actions They Take

Specialty Pharmacy clients our insight to address accrediting agency requirements that require SPs to survey their patients, but provide no specification of how to do this. We provide syndicated, actionable insights based on responses from thousands of SP patients, enabling SPs to comply with the accrediting requirements – as well as to assess their own and competitor performance. This enables SPs to improve their customer service, benchmark progress over time, understand how their SP ranks in Net Promoter Score (NPSSM) versus the competition, and understand the reasons behind patient choice of engagement.

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