• 24 May 2017

    Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Awards Winners!

    ZHI, Zitter Health Insights

    Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award Winners
    at Asembia 2017
    Specialty Pharmacy Times® and Zitter Health Insights Recognize
    US Specialty Care and PANTHERx

    CRANBURY, N.J. (May 2, 2017)Specialty Pharmacy Times® and Zitter Health Insights (ZHI), co-sponsors of the inaugural Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Awards, today announced the winners at the 2017 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit. US Specialty Care was named the winner in the PBM/Payer Specialty Pharmacy category, and PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy was named the winner in the non-PBM/Payer Specialty Pharmacy category. These winners will be recognized in the June 2017 issue of Specialty Pharmacy Times®.

    Based on results from the ZHI 2016 Patient Satisfaction Survey (January-December 2016), finalists were selected for achieving the highest overall patient satisfaction scores in one of two categories:

    • PBM/Payer Specialty Pharmacy
    • non-PBM/Payer Specialty Pharmacy

    “We congratulate the winners of the first Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Awards,” said John Monahan, CEO of ZHI. “US Specialty Care and PANTHERx exemplify what it means to deliver the highest levels of patient satisfaction in a complex and challenging industry that demands expert care for seriously ill patients. By providing a consistent level of care, concern and commitment for overall patient health and well-being, these U.S. specialty pharmacies are taking their profession to new heights.”

    “The Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Awards represent best-in-class customer satisfaction and overall patient care by specialty pharmacies,” said Brian Haug, President, Pharmacy and Healthcare Communications, LLC. “Specialty conditions present numerous challenges to patients and family—physically, emotionally and financially. Today’s winners demonstrate the value patients place on this relationship, which is incredibly vital to the successful treatment of their condition in body, mind and spirit.”

    About the Winners
    US Specialty Care (USSC) is an industry-leading provider of specialty medications, offering advanced prescription services to manage chronic conditions through complex drug therapies. USSC is focused on not only meeting, but also exceeding the growing needs and demands of specialty care by providing greater access to specialty medications, measurable cost management solutions and optimized therapeutic outcomes. USSC understands that patients who use specialty drugs require special, personalized care. USSC combines technical experience with a passion for patients’ well-being to deliver the highest quality products and services, at manageable costs, for all of its clients. Its Patient Care Advocates use an integrated approach to coordinate benefits, educate patients, provide ongoing clinical support and offer compliance monitoring to ensure optimal health outcomes. USSC offers specialized pharmacy care services primarily for multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV and hepatitis C.

    PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy transforms lives by delivering medical breakthroughs, clinical excellence and access solutions to patients afflicted with rare and devastating conditions. Its primary specialty services focus on rare and orphan disease. From PANTHERx’s inception, the founding partners designed an organization whose culture was patient-centric, just as it was when the specialty pharmacy industry was created over 35 years ago. PANTHERx’s guiding philosophy—“Focus on the patient, and the rest will follow,” a derivation of Google’s #1 value—permeates all components of their operation. Patient satisfaction plays a direct role in a patient’s willingness to remain adherent to their specialty therapies and become further engaged with the high level of clinical care that they provide. PANTHERx’s commitment to patient satisfaction doesn’t end with clinical care, however; it is interwoven into every aspect of the business, including financial counseling, quality improvement, accreditation, technology, business development, budgeting, growth, and, importantly, human resources and talent management.

    About the ZHI Patient Satisfaction Survey
    The ZHI Patient Satisfaction Survey was launched in 2015 and is representative of 80 percent of specialty pharmacies’ market share across the U.S., with data collected quarterly. The survey data are used to create a syndicated benchmarking report that assesses patient satisfaction and customer loyalty across a variety of therapeutic categories. ZHI’s commitment is to bring our customers accurate, valuable and actionable data on the opinions of their patients. We utilize the best available sampling methodologies and always publish the n values of any data we share. We have carefully designed our Patient Satisfaction Survey with input from specialty pharmacy industry leaders and market research experts.

    Accrediting agencies are increasingly requiring specialty pharmacies to survey their patients with minimal requirements. This survey was designed with a team of experts who set out to ensure that ZHI captures information that goes beyond benchmarking performance. URAC, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care and the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation have reviewed our methodology and all three found that it exceeds the requirements for specialty pharmacy accreditation. The ZHI Patient Satisfaction Survey is the first industry-wide patient satisfaction survey to provide objective, comparative assessments of all major specialty pharmacies. Syndicated, actionable research based on the responses of thousands of specialty pharmacy patients, the ZHI Patient Satisfaction Survey enables specialty pharmacies to comply with accrediting requirements and assess their own and their competitors’ performances.

    About Specialty Pharmacy Times®
    Specialty Pharmacy Times® is a full-service media resource dedicated to the business and practice of specialty pharmacy. Each issue contains articles covering clinical topics, product selection, infrastructure, staffing, pharmacy design, reimbursement, customer service and order management, marketing and sales, patient-centered care, REMs, specialty pharmacy models, and biosimilars. Specialty Pharmacy Times® expert authors come from all areas of specialty pharmacy practice, including policy, regulatory and law, administration, management, nursing, information systems, and business. Additionally, Specialty Pharmacy Times® offers continuing education through Pharmacy Times Continuing Education™, which is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

    About Zitter Health Insights
    Zitter Health Insights (ZHI) combines expert analysis with syndicated subscription research to optimize patient access to pharmaceuticals. Since 1989