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Patient Satisfaction Survey


The Patient Satisfaction Survey is the first industry-wide patient satisfaction survey, which provides objective, comparative assessments of all major Specialty Pharmacies (SPs).

Accrediting agencies increasingly require that SPs survey their patients, but provide no specifications. This syndicated, actionable offering is based on responses from thousands of SP patients, enabling SPs to comply with the accrediting requirements – as well as to assess their own and competitor performance.

What actions can you take?

  • Improve your customer service and care based on satisfaction surveys of thousands of SP patients.
  • Benchmark your absolute and relative progress over time.
  • Gain insight into how each SP acquires their patients and connects with them.
  • Optimize your pricing by understanding what the patient walk-away threshold is.
  • Understand the reasons behind patient choice of engagement.
  • Understand how your consumer’s view your business and what opportunities exist to enhance the satisfaction to your patients.
  • Leverage insights into competitors’ operational performance, such as time for benefit investigation, and shipment of medicine.
  • Understand how your SP ranks in Net Promoter Score (NPS) versus the competition.
  • Satisfy the accreditation requirement for patient satisfaction survey’s for URAC, CPPA, and ACHC.

What insights are provided?

  • Insights are provided on a quarterly basis and can be trended over time to see the impact of operational changes that you and your competitors are making.  


With the Patient Satisfaction Survey you receive:


The Patient Satisfaction Survey is an annual subscription providing the following deliverables:

Deliverables Subscription
Four (4) quarterly survey reports Check
Two (2) live presentations or 2 (two) web-ex presentations per year Check