Zitter Health Insights is a market research and business intelligence firm helping life science and other healthcare companies understand the impact of payers on product access and use.

We have an exciting portfolio of services and work with most of the leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as many leading managed care and provider organizations. Zitter Health Insights has grown consistently, which keeps us on a continual lookout for exceptional talent.

An outstanding company requires great people and great systems. We hire bright, ethical, and ambitious people. Then we provide them with strong management, training, and support systems to make them more successful than they have been anywhere else. Here are some of Zitter Health Insights’ hallmarks:

  • Thorough hiring. New staff consistently tell us that our process is the most rigorous one they’ve ever been through. The downside: This takes more time and effort on everyone’s part. The upside: Our success rate is very high, and you can be assured that your colleagues will be as good as you are.
  • Relentless training. If you don’t thrive on learning and growing, stop reading now. You will get more training and development here than at any comparable company. Period. Staff, from entry-level analysts through senior managers, typically experience one or two formal general training programs a month in addition to their individual development activities.
  • Frequent feedback. In most companies, the single most powerful development tool is also the most underused. Not here. Staff typically have at least eight formal feedback touch points annually as well as regular discussions with their supervisors. All managers are rated on the quantity and quality of feedback they provide their reports.
  • Personal accountability. Everyone in the company has bonus tied to their own performance. But it’s not just about money; it’s about continual improvement. All staff, right up to the CEO, are rated twice a year by their colleagues in an anonymous 360 review process. Senior management accountability is measured by anonymous Quality of Work Life surveys, the results of which are shared company-wide. There is nowhere to hide at Zitter Health Insights, but plenty of performance measurement and help with improvement.

If you genuinely believe that doing excellent work is inherently rewarding
If you’re inspired rather than threatened by high standards
If you believe that doing the right thing is a moral imperative and not a business strategy
If you’re intent on constantly learning and building your skills
If you’re willing to – even want to – be held accountable for your efforts
If you have a service orientation toward customers and colleagues
If you’re committed to being part of and co-creating a great work environment in every way
If you believe in your own capabilities and are willing to work hard to apply them…

We encourage you to apply for any appropriate positions at Zitter Health Insights.