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Our Insights Panel is designed to provide healthcare stakeholders with better insight into the challenging issues involved with managing medical technologies.

We are always looking for more participants for our panel to ensure that our research is as comprehensive and representative as possible.

Who Should Participate?

  • Health Plan and PBM medical & pharmacy directors, clinical pharmacists, manufacturer & trade relations executives, P&T Committee members, and contract managers
  • ACO pharmacy & medical directors and P&T Committee members
  • Primary and specialty physicians
  • Physician office practice managers
  • Specialty pharmacy clinical and contracting staff
  • Pharmaceutical payer marketing and brand marketing executives

Benefits of Membership:

  • Research Results: We provide excerpts from each study conducted. If you participate, you know the outcome.
  • Honoraria: We offer honoraria for participation which can be paid to you directly, to your organization or to a charity of your choice.
  • Insight into Upcoming Industry Trends: Stay on top of the industry topics that are generating buzz by participating in forward-looking research.

Types of Opportunities:

  • Web-based surveys (max is 60 minutes)
  • Internet assisted teleconferences/web conferences (average 90 minutes)
  • Live telephone interviews (max is 60 minutes)
  • Live advisory board meetings (1-2 days in length)

Current Opportunities:

  • Managed Care Message Monitor – An encounter-based survey of payer decision makers reporting payers’ descriptions and perceptions of visits by biopharmaceutical manufacturer representatives. The survey usually takes an average of 11 minutes.
  • Managed Care Injectables Index – A comprehensive report covering key managed care issues for biotechnology and specialty therapies, including data on cost sharing, management strategies, historical & forward looking trends, and current topics.
  • Managed Care Oncology Index – A three-arm study using 100 payer decision makers, 100 oncology practice managers, and 100 oncologists covering key managed care issues for oncologic therapies, including data on cost sharing, management strategies, historical & forward looking trends, and current topics.
  • Co-Pay Offset Monitor – The most complete research and analysis product available in the co-pay market today, with quantitative analysis of input from every major co-pay stakeholder group, program demographics, and pharmacy co-pay transactions.


Please note, all studies, except for live advisory boards and the Managed Care Message Monitor (which is reported at the payer level) are double blinded and results are presented in the aggregate. Your contact and organization information will not be released without prior consent. We never sell data we collect in any individualized form – period.

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